Four Eyes Podcast

Our story started on November 19, 2019 from an early morning WhatsApp group text,

“Ok guys, I seriously think we should start an optom podcast!”
…And about 10 seconds later,
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” were the quick replies.
One random text with a big idea was all the convincing that was necessary for the four of us to jump in head first into creating, organizing, and developing the Four Eyes project that has been so near and dear to our hearts for the past year.

The four of us hit the ground running right after graduation, as most new grads do, when the excitement of finally having clinical independence, getting paid, and paying off student loans took over. Of course, we initially all tripped and fell a few more times than we like to admit but we were warned that this was what being a new grad was all about and all would eventually be okay! Each of us started working in different cities in Canada and the US with different modes and scopes of practice, and it became fairly evident early on that we all asked the same perplexing questions about everyday clinical cases or experiences. Simply researching articles or
asking another optometrist nearby to obtain accurate answers was not always easy or effective and honestly too time consuming.

The so-called new grad struggle was real and we thought we couldn’t be the only rookie ODs experiencing this. Only after a few months of working in the “real world”, we felt there was a strong need for a platform that represented the highs and lows of the new grad experience, discussed topics that mattered to us in the eyecare industry, while
also bringing together and better connecting newly graduated Canadian and U.S. ODs. Thus, the Four Eyes Optometry podcast came to be.

We developed Four Eyes to be a fun yet informative platform that shares the scope of practice across Canada and the US from the perspectives of new grad optometrists. We share our humorous new grad struggles hoping that most can relate, discuss the latest news and trends in optometry, and share step-by-step approaches on how to diagnose or manage certain conditions in an efficient manner. We offer support on how to implement new things or spice things up in clinic while highlighting the billing and coding aspects in Canada and the US. And, we regularly interview influential Canadian and US optometrists and ophthalmologists who contribute positively to the profession.


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