Optometry Examining Board of Canada (OEBC)

The OEBC administers the entry-to practice exam in Canada. There are two sessions each year: Fall (early November) and Spring (May). Fourth years can choose to take the written exam as early as Fall and the practical in Spring. Candidates may also challenge both written and practical together in the Spring.

College Requirement: the OEBC is the only exam accepted by all 10 provinces for registration.

As of 2020, the total fee for written and practical OSCE is $5100 CAD.

To prepare and register, please consult the OEBC website.

National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO)

The NBEO administers the entry-to-practice exam in the US. Those pursuing a residency should consider taking Part 1 in August after 3rd year, Part 2 in December and Part 3 during the Fall.

  • Part 1 (ABS): March or August session
  • Part 2 (PAM, TMOD): December or April session
  • Part 3 (Clinical Skills Exam, CSE) : scheduled on-site throughout the year at NCCTO (Charlotte, NC)

As of 2020, the fee for each part is $950 ($2850 USD total or ~$4000 CAD)

College Requirement: most Canadian regulatory colleges do not accept NBEO for registration, with the exception of BC and Ontario, with some restrictions. Please check with the respective college for updated policy.

Please consult the NBEO to prepare and register for the exam.