To graduate in the year 2020 was every optometry student’s dream, but it has become anything but a dream. Until now, clinical externships have been cut short, convocations have cancelled or gone virtual, and board exams have been postponed. 

Fortunately, you can still use your down time to land your first job!

1. Networking Opportunities!

 Network, Network, Network! Don’t be afraid to look up those old business cards you got from conferences and reach out to people you have networked with. Ask if they know of any opportunities or if they are looking to hire…many optometrists looking for an associate may not advertise publicly.

Sometimes, it may even be possible to bring a CV and walk in to a clinic you’re interested in and ask the receptionist if it’s possible to speak with the OD owner. But, be respectful! They might be super busy and may not be able to accommodate you. 

2. National Job Boards

CAOS Classifieds

You may be familiar with your local chapter of CAOS at your school, but the Canadian Association of Optometry Students also provides a site for job postings from employers specifically looking for new grads!

CAO Job Board

The Canadian Association of Optometrists is the national association and offers its members a site to share job postings from coast to coast!

3. Provincial Association Boards

British Columbia Doctors of Optometry 

The provincial association has job postings in the lower mainland and outside the lower mainland, as well as a list for locum positions within BC. 

Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO)

The AAO classifieds shares jobs from its members in Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta as well as any locum opportunities. 

Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists

The SAO is your best resource to look for local full-time or part-time optometry jobs in Saskatchewan!

Manitoba Association of Optometrists

The MAO has a job board with all the listings of jobs submitted by its members. 

Ontario Association of Optometrists

The OAO has an extensive member’s listings of associate jobs, equipment and clinics for sale.

4. Optometry Company Sites

FYidoctors is an optometrist-owned company with over 500 optometrists across 250+ clinics from coast to coast. They operate under the Visique brand in Quebec. Their job site has dozens of optometry opportunities that provides full-scope care. 

IRIS is the largest corporate chain of optometry clinics in Canada that aim to unite the three O’s in eyecare. It operates as a brand under the parent company, New Look Vision Group. 


Jobs4ECPs is a consolidated job listing site for the eyecare industry, including for optometrists. 


Clinics For Sale

If you want to hit the ground running and buy a practice, ROI Corporation is the place to look for clinics on sale, aside from association websites. 

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